Fabric Banners

If you are using your banner indoors, fabric is another option. Fabric banners are printed with dye and sublimated into the fabric creating a glare resistant banner with nice rich colors due to the sublimation process. The dye becomes a part of the fabric as opposed to ink laying on top of the surface. Fabric banners are the ideal choice for Step and Repeat banners as well as Photo Backdrops due the non-glare surface.

Our most common dye sublimation fabric is soft knit or heavy knit polyester. We also print on a back lit fabric to add a glow to your promotion or art. Heavy knit fabric is ideal for photo backdrops or Step and Repeat Banners with its non-glare surface. Stretch fabric is a popular item as well allowing you to create or test your own line of clothing. Sometimes the limits are in our head as far as the potential uses for this type of product…